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We help our clients discover their truest identity,
make it public,
and improve the world

...and we have fun while doing it.


For us, everything begins with Empathy and Curiosity. The future you want begins with understanding: who are we, why do we exist, what mark do we want to make, and where are we headed. Through our understanding process, we help you generate self-understanding, so you can know clearly who you are and see fully where you want to go.

haimish understands.


Identity should be an expression of the authentic and aspirational You; the force you want your company to be in the future. We help you create a brand future that is big enough to pull you into tomorrow, and real enough to push you to be your best today, and we design a visual and verbal identity to show that to the world, motivating engagement and connection.

haimish branding outcomes


We believe that a thing is at its best when it meaningfully and creatively solves a problem. We use a variety of tools to look at a problem from all angles, minimizing our assumptions, generating outcomes that work for you. Every process we undertake goes through Design Thinking stages - providing solutions in a systematic and tested way.

Developing your personal leadership brand

In this 4 session course, we will talk about developing your leadership through self-understanding, what we call your Personal Brand.

Join us for opportunities to develop your sense of Purpose, Vision, and Values as you grow valuable leadership skills.
Learn more about our online course with Denver University:

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