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Working at the sharp edge of artificial intelligence technologies, Personal Ai is creating tools that keep humanity at the center of their attention. On paper, the Personal Ai team is stacked with techy resumes with brains like computers: exactly the skills you’d want for the kind of work they are doing. But in our interactions, we came to experience them as warm and hospitable personalities committed fiercely to creating accessible and inclusive tech.

We helped Personal Ai develop a set of messages and visuals that put their ethical commitments front and center, with an aspirational angle giving attention to their hopes for the future of artificial intelligence.

Against the challenges of the pandemic, we collaborated remotely to produce a video that allowed the Personal Ai team’s personas to show. We managed a process in which the Personal Ai team captured video themselves in their CA office, to which we added animation that is both technological and human.

The result is messaging, visuals, and video that celebrate the democratization of artificial intelligence, clearly telling the story of Personal Ai’s drive to give everyone access to the power of ai.

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