U.S Air & Space Force

U.S. Air Force Lt Col Blair Thompson is curious. Curious about space. His wonderment about the giant void above our heads, has led to algorithms used by SpaceX and NASA. Now his infectious curiosity is inspiring the next generation of space pioneers.

Artificial Intelligence

Personal AI is an AI self-trained on data you create as an individual. The data is captured as life happens and is structured into memories. A memory comprises many elements, such as time, context, people, locations, emotions, tone and visual information. Personal AI then integrates your memories into everyday life, offering a little help as you make decisions and as you express yourself; to own your intelligence.

planetarie CBDa

Chris Carmichael, 84 Olympian and Endurance Coach uses CBDa for pain relief.

Colorado Springs

From Broadway to Colorado Springs, together they opened ICONS, an exclusive gay piano bar here in our growing city. We were honored to capture their new space and their engagement in this bright, colorful, fog-filled shoot.


Organic Farm in Ulvik Norway.